Investment Update

Investment markets have started the year in negative territory. During volatile periods such as this, experience has taught us that clients should not try and time the market. If you are nervous about the negative stories in the media, we are happy to review the suitability of your portfolio and help keep you focused on your long term goals. By taking a long term view and not reacting to the latest negative news you are sure to capture the market recoveries whenever it comes.

However at this time there is a need for careful vigilance of our client portfolios. With this in mind, we are currently meeting a number of key fund managers in order to ensure we fully understand how they are managing the risks in our client portfolios. In particular we will be asking them how they are positioning their funds in light of some of the key risks this year in relation to the oil price, Chinese economic growth and of course the threat of British exit from the EU (Brexit).  The goal is to ensure that risk is kept within the portfolios risk mandate while still being positioned to take advantage of growth opportunities. As ever if you have concerns please give us a call.  We are always delighted to here from you.