LHW Personal Financial Planning Service

We are passionate about delivering a highly personalised service which brings financial planning to a new level. This service gives you the clarity you need to make important lifestyle decisions with confidence.


With visibility on your lifetime income and expenditure, you will be able to address many of your most important lifestyle questions:

  • How much is “enough” to enable me to achieve my key lifestyle goals?
  • When will I be in a position to achieve these goals?
  • What are the key challenges and risks in my plan?



How does it work?

We have designed a straightforward and personal service in 4 stages:

The first and most important stage of our service is helping you identify your financial and lifestyle objectives.

We clarify your financial position today.
We analyse all your financial needs.
We discuss your attitude to investment risk.
We design your optimal investment portfolio.
We examine investment solutions.

We carry out market research.
We implement the solutions.

We schedule your future reviews.
We provide on-going support.

All the complicated detail of your personal finances can be simplified into projected “cash in and cash out” through the various stages of your life.  This can be analysed and interpreted with the assistance of your LHW Planner.

For many the cash flow forecasting will be positive. A lot of worry and uncertainty about financial matters will disappear, allowing you to enjoy the important things in your life today.  For others the cash flow forecasting may highlight gaps in the resources needed to achieve your lifestyle objectives.

Next Step:
Once the Cash flow forecast is completed, your LHW Financial Planner uses experience and expertise to help you examine all the options available to achieve your goals. We outline risks & opportunities relating to each proposed solution taking into consideration tax, investments and inheritance issues relevant to your personal circumstances.  We will help you make fully-informed decisions about your finances, rather than judgment calls that could be made in isolation.

On-going Support:
When you find a financial plan that works for you, it is essential that this is revised annually. As circumstances change, your LHW advisor will keep you on track to achieve your lifetime and financial goals.

Fee Basis:
The fees for our Personal Financial Planning Service are designed to provide complete transparency while minimising the impact on your cash flow. During your initial free consultation we will outline the charges in detail.

Protecting Your Family

A vital part of your lifetime financial plan is preparing for the unexpected. You need to know that your loved ones are protected in the event of death or illness.

Your income is your most important lifetime asset. What will happen if it stops suddenly? We use our experience and independence to tailor an individual protection solution that will give you complete peace of mind. You and your family will be comprehensively protected in the most cost effective and tax efficient manner possible.

Retirement Planning

Once we have agreed your lifetime and financial priorities, we will help you implement a personalised retirement plan.

We will navigate the often complicated landscape of pension products and Revenue rules, meaning you can get on with living your life. We believe pensions should be straightforward; a pension is simply a tax efficient vehicle to hold your chosen assets. Tax free growth on these assets can make a huge difference to your plan when structured properly. Effective use of pension legislation is one of the keys to achieving financial independence.  We will recommend cost-effective solutions that are best suited to your individual circumstances.

Investments & Savings

An important part of your financial plan will be how your money is invested.

The strategies recommended will be guided by your personalised lifetime financial plan which we will have helped you map out. It will be very clear where each component of your investment portfolio will fit into your lifetime plan. In summary the following are our investment guidelines when selecting suitable investment strategies:

  • Choose a strategy with a disciplined & repeatable investment process.
  • Know your appetite and capacity for taking risk.
  • Diversify in order to target maximum return for an agreed level of risk.
  • Choose tax-efficient investments where possible.
  • Liquid investments allow you greater flexibility.
  • Be cost-conscious; use active strategies only when justified.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is about making timely arrangements for the disposal of assets ensuring fairness to all beneficiaries and minimisation of tax.

The first step in effective estate planning is for you to know how much you need yourself in order to maintain your desired lifestyle. Once you know this number, you will have the confidence to gift to children, charities or other beneficiaries in a tax efficient manner. You can also take advantage of allowances and legal structures to minimise your beneficiary’s tax liability. Estate Planning is an essential part of effective financial planning.

LHW Personal Financial Planning Team

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